iphone 3gs 16, 32 GB: all Tests

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The purpose of this article is to recapitulate the various tests carried out on the iphone 3gs on the Net.

The 2 telephones iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are physically similar (except the S with the back for the last)

There is unanimity on the gains of speed brought by the new processors of the 3GS, the S of 3gs indicates speed and Smooth running of the video camera. With use, we realize that all the functions gain of speed. Even the Scrolling of the icons is more fluid. The launching of an application and the loading of a Web page are made 2 to 3 times as fast that on the iPhone 3G. For the autonomy or for the quality of the camera, the opinions diverge on the realized progress.

(video: iPhone 3G vs iphone 3Gs: Test the speed of navigation)

the Voice Control seems well to function, tested in call of a contact and launching of the reading of a piece of music. And that also functions via the microphone of the kit freehand.

The compass can seem an anecdotic function, but an application of increase in reality as Layar can now function on the iPhone 3GS The result is rather convincing on the capacities of video recording of the iPhone 3GS .

(video of demonstration of a video capture of the iphone 3gs)

Absence of flash and zoom on the camera and tuner FM. Technically, the iPhone 3GS is not the smartphone more sophisticated. The coating (treatment of glass against the finger marks) applied to the surface of the screen succeeds in reducing the number of Finger Imprint and greasy deposits, And he allows the iPhone 3GS to remain always useful even with traces on the screen. It is also easier to clean of a simple friction on its tee-shirt.

the screen is even a little more comfortable for the eyes even when the luminosity is pushed thoroughly. The testers are not convinced of a real increase of autonomy between the iphone 3gs and the iphone 3g sources: This part counts the tests of the iPhone 3GS which circulate on the Internet, history which you can have an idea of the performances and functionalities of this new iPhone

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