Dell today formalized the launch of the Vostro 1220, its smallest full-fledged notebook to bear the name. Owners  have their choice of operating systems, which simultaneously affects storage: while Windows owners have regular hard drives from 160GB to 500GB as well as a 128GB solid-state drive, Linux owners also have the option of a 16GB […]

The purpose of this article is to recapitulate the various tests carried out on the iphone 3gs on the Net. The 2 telephones iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are physically similar (except the S with the back for the last) There is unanimity on the gains of speed brought by the new processors of the […]

Tests in videos of the iphone 3GS: test of video quality moving, test of the capacities of video recording, the Voice Control, the option compass.

description of all BlackBerry Bold smartphone touch keyboard : Mute/Standby key, Left Convenience key, Speakerphone key, Escape key ,etc ..