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download the last firmware update of cowon S9 portable media player

Telecharger COWON S9 Firmware 2.31 beta2 : (24-07-2009 )

  • Support gapless playback in MP3 files.
  • Improved DivX3 playback performance and hours of continuous playback.
  • Fixed the error that audio synchronization was not working properly when some AVI 2.0 files are searched in 0 second.
  • Fixed the error that some files display frame rate incorrectly.
  • Fixed the error that audio plays faster than video in some video files.
  • Fixed date created of DMB, DAB, and recording files.

Telecharger COWON S9 Firmware V2.31 Beta : 29-06-2009

  • Added the typist feature that is a notepad with a keyboard.
  • Improved receiving quality, compatibility, and performance of Bluetooth.
  • Support gapless playback in lossless music files (WAV, FLAC, APE, and LOSSLESS WMA) and OGG files.
  • Support M3U.
  • Support AVI files that are damaged.
  • Fixed the error that frame color wasn’t changed in document mode.
  • Fixed some minus operation error in calculator.
  • Support M3U
  • Functionality that recognizes M3U files that are created in PC.
  • M3U folder will be created in ‘playlist’ from the top menu of browser when you copy .m3u files in COWON S9.
  • COWON S9 recognizes up to 400 M3U files.
  • COWON S9 recognizes up to 400 lists in M3U.

Telecharger COWON S9 Firmware V2.30 : 22-05-2009

  • Added to display the title of the music file on the screen when you start music in matrix browser.
  • Improved displaying picture quality of album art in Music mode.
  • Improved conducting speed when you play music.
  • Added settings that you can choose sharpen or soften tone in Video mode.
  • Fixed the error that resume functionality were occasionally not working.
  • Fixed errors in UCI FSCommand ‘EtcUsrSetString’, ‘EtcUsrGetString’

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