Interface, wallpaper and Cowon S9 buttons of interface can be altered. Below, a list of sites having themes created by the cowon S9 users or not.

A tutorial for the cowon S9, to realize by cowon to modify or create these thèmes and personalize its interface (modification of the buttons).

Cowon S9 is a tactile PMP from Cowon it is the first to have a capacitive touch screen AMOLED. On this video we will see the interface of Cowon iaudio S9

The Cowon iaudio S9 is a PMP taken out late in the year on 2008. It went out in various versions: cowon s9 32 go, cowon s9 16 go, cowon s9 8 go, Characteristic are:

Two videos show the Glass Screen Durability Test of the COWON S9 curve, this test is carried out on a new device, with coins, forks, knives, cutters, it is impressive.

The Cowon S9 is one portable media player With Touch sensitive interface, the firmware update 2.31b brings new function, this firmware update misses out on support

Sony also wants in on the WiMax notebook game with new releases in the form of the Vaio Type P and Type Z