Acer will be rolling out a new 15.6″ 3D notebook that was co-developed with Wistron, and consumers will be able to get hold of it this coming October.

Toshiba have officially launched their first WiMAX notebook for the Japanese market

Sony upgrades its netbook Vaio P91. Unfortunately, the unit only available in Japan. TECH SPEC: Atom Z550 @ 2.00 GHz, 2GB RAM, WiFi, LAN, display : 1600 x 768

Panasonic has rolled out its first WiMAX-ready notebook in Japan, featuring the following characteristics

The Sager NP9280 is touted to be the first Core i7 notebook to ship in the world, featuring the following underneath the rather massive hood :

MIO Litepad N890 with GPS

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Mention MIO and you’ll probably think about GPS navigation systems, but this time round the company decided to announce its Litepad N890 at Computex that will come with all the trappings of a netbook in addition to an integrated GPS …

The manufacturer Point of View, announces the entry of a new Laptop in his catalog, related to the means of range and proposing 25mm thick (dimensions: 322×239×25 mm).