Dell today formalized the launch of the Vostro 1220, its smallest full-fledged notebook to bear the name. Owners  have their choice of operating systems, which simultaneously affects storage: while Windows owners have regular hard drives from 160GB to 500GB as well as a 128GB solid-state drive, Linux owners also have the option of a 16GB […]

The purpose of this article is to recapitulate the various tests carried out on the iphone 3gs on the Net. The 2 telephones iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are physically similar (except the S with the back for the last) There is unanimity on the gains of speed brought by the new processors of the […]

Tests in videos of the iphone 3GS: test of video quality moving, test of the capacities of video recording, the Voice Control, the option compass.

description of all BlackBerry Bold smartphone touch keyboard : Mute/Standby key, Left Convenience key, Speakerphone key, Escape key ,etc ..

lists of all blackbery shortcut used for the messages, typing, one web page, browse, camera, video, video recording and video viewing, search

test in video of the resistance of a iphone 3GS. all is to test there, shocks with bunch of keys, water jet, fall of man’s height, passage under the wheels of a motor bikeā€¦