Panasonic has rolled out its first WiMAX-ready notebook in Japan, featuring the following characteristics

The Sager NP9280 is touted to be the first Core i7 notebook to ship in the world, featuring the following underneath the rather massive hood :

MIO Litepad N890 with GPS

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Mention MIO and you’ll probably think about GPS navigation systems, but this time round the company decided to announce its Litepad N890 at Computex that will come with all the trappings of a netbook in addition to an integrated GPS …

Schedule to be sold across Europe in July 2009, the the Cybershot W190 (12.1Mpix) and the Cybershot W180 (10.1Mpix) offer both a nice 2.7” LCD,  a 3x optical zoom,  an ISO range up to 3200, a Face Detection Mode that can recognize up to eight faces, Smile Shutter…   Two slim, stylish Cyber-shot digital cameras […]

South Korean iRiver has just released a new PMP device for the Asian market price : $155 for 4GB, $183 for 8GB with 16GB to be announced

The MEM-P3 player deejay has the dream dimensions 92*40*8.4 mm (h*b*d) and weighs only 44 grams. So that it fits into every pocket.

Acer revealed its next smartphone yesterday : F1. Its functions: a Snapdragon chipset clocked at 1GHz including a 3.8” …

The manufacturer Point of View, announces the entry of a new Laptop in his catalog, related to the means of range and proposing 25mm thick (dimensions: 322×239×25 mm).

Although that was not officially announced by Apple, the firm China Ontrade, based in HongKong, proposes with the sale presented as the “first spare parts to the iPhone

MacRumors put on line Image which could be that of a new cover for next the iphone